Good Game Cowboy Design Talk

Okay, with the Good Game Cowboy shirt launch going live in the next 12hrs, I thought I’d share a little bit of the process on how we got to the final design.


The gang at Gaming4Guts LOVES ‘Cowboy Bebop’ and have chatted about the subject numerous times. I was putting together the promo materials for Mart-Kos and my G4G show when I thought how neat it would be to actually design a shirt. A new challenge for me. Of course, as a no-brainer, ‘Cowboy Bebop’ would be the inspiration for the first design. I remembered seeing the block coloured theme throughout posters and ads for the anime. We decided that this colour block idea would be the theme. I started by building the framing for our images and it just happened to work out that Dylan had just completed brand new images of myself and Mark that were next level. So next level that they made the older G4G character art look almost unusable.

Original Design from July 2021

Some time after we received the new artwork from Dylan, finalising the look for our little group. I couldn’t wait to take these new designs into photoshop and work on finishing this passion project. After trying out a few variations and making some art changes, we had landed on something the group could be proud of. Being in the middle of putting together milestones for our charity event, we quickly decided to make a mystery tier that if unlocked would see us announcing to the world our desires to put out Gaming4Guts merch. Of course, we slammed through all of our milestones, overcoming our 10k goal due to an amazing group of people coming out to support another year of a charity that is so close to our hearts.

As in years previous, the event took most of the gang out of commission so the project would go quiet again but only for a short time. Before finalising the design details, the gang reconvened to discuss what we would name our campaign and how we would go about putting these out into the world and during this time, not only did we finalize all the shirt merch details but Mackenzie knocked out the start of our G4G website and launched our new quarterly newsletter! Together the group threw out several Cowboy Bebop themed end credit style names before landing on Good Game Cowboy which is essentially our version of the, ‘see you space cowboy.’ And with that,

Good Game Cowboy
– Brad [BC]