Move Night at Gaming4Guts

This year here at Gaming4Guts we decided to do more community-oriented activities for everyone in our Discord community to participate in. We were able to add a movie bot to the Discord server to be able to keep track of poll results and the movie list. Our first movie night this year took place back in February. The first movie we watched was The Fifth Element. Since then every month we run a poll on the Discord server for 48 hours on the first weekend of every month. During that time everyone gets an opportunity to vote on the poll, add movies to the list to be watched, and then the winner is announced. We host these movie nights on the fourth Saturday every month where the community gathers in the movie night Discord channel; watching the week’s newest movie trailers like a traditional theatre giving folks a little extra time to make it in to catch the show.

This month we are watching Willow. This event will take place on June 25th at 8:30 pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific time. If you can join us please do!